Private Canal cruise Amsterdam with classic saloon boat Undine. The boat fits up to 12 passengers. Please note, that this also depends on the total weight of all passengers so restrictions may apply as safety on board is our highest priority.

Our boat has been transporting people on the water for over 100 years. Click here to see more photos or watch our drone video below.

Our historic canal cruise boat Undine is the perfect way to rent a private saloon boat in Amsterdam. It has a unique historical character due to its monumental status. The boat dates from 1920 and served as a passenger boat between East and West Berlin. In 2019, it was transported from Berlin to Amsterdam. After a top to bottom renovation and upgrading it with a silent and eco-friendly electric engine, this eye-catching canal boat is ready for private canal cruises in Amsterdam!

Amenities onboard during your private canal cruise in Amsterdam

Once you step onboard of our classic boat for a private canal cruise, you will be surprised what amenities it has to offer! The open deck is amazing to lay back and relax during a sunny summer day and to take the best pictures while floating through the canals of Amsterdam. Planning to take a cruise during a more stormy, cold day? No problem, the boat has an integrated heating systemcosy fleece blankets and also a Nespresso machine to serve you tea and coffee to keep you warm.

The saloon boat also has double glass – this means no foggy windows while cruising in rainy weather or winter months. If you want to enjoy an ice-cold beer, your favourite glass of wine or a private Champagne canal cruise – our onboard wine climate cabinet keeps your favourite beverages at the perfect temperature!

Pictures of Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam: